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Raise the Roof for Chrysalis House!

We have raised enough funds to put a roof on the newly designed and built additional dwelling at Chrysalis property. Now-let’s raise the roof for the original home! Nestled in the hills of Soquel, Camphill California’s exceptional life sharing home is set up for aging in the community. It boasts an eight bedroom main home, with a fully wheelchair accessible five bedroom wing.  Add to this, our new additional dwelling, a separate three bedroom home adjacent to the original house, and you have a place where individuals of all abilities can age in place in the community they have called home for many years. Surrounded by nature, and adjacent to an open coastal prairie space featuring native plants and redwood trees, this property provides a sense of wellbeing and peace for all who live there. 

Being able to replace the old wood shingle roof is desperately needed, and a metal roof will provide not only a distinctive aesthetic but also a crucial element of safety from fire hazards, and keep Camphill’s elders and their companions safe from harm. Being able to raise enough funds to replace the old roof with a resilient metal roof, reflects our commitment to creating a secure and nurturing environment for our community members. 

This Aging in Place home stands as a testament to our dedication to the well-being of those who call it home, and its distinctive features, including the fire-resistant metal roof, underscore our commitment to providing a safe haven at the core of our cherished community. Join us in honoring this remarkable space that embodies the spirit of care, and ensure it can remain for many years to come.

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Everyone has a unique gift to give to the world, regardless of their level of ability, and each person plays an integral role in the community as a whole.

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Building our skills and abilities creates a sense of purpose, and helps every individual we serve to have an impact on the community and the world around them.


At Camphill California there is a place for each human being to unfold their potential, be seen for who they are, and to feel a true sense of connection and belonging.

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