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Although Camphill Communities California does receive public funding, we are dependent upon the generosity of donors like you. 

Our Pledge to You: We are committed to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility and will insure that your gifts are used efficiently and wisely. We will honor your wishes when contacting you via mail, email or phone. We will remove your name from our mailing list at any time at your request. We will protect your internet privacy and security by using a secure server and never sharing your personal information. View our Gift Policy here. 

Our In-Progress Solar System Project!

Our goal is to install an entire Solar System and convert all eight of our homes to solar power. We would also like to prepare all our properties for future installation of batteries in order to reduce our use of fossil fuels in generators during blackouts. Your donation towards this project will help us in the following ways:

Total goal to install solar on all our properties: $267,000

Total savings for Camphill over 25 years: $770,000


A Camphill California resident works in the garden

What We Value


Everyone has a unique gift to give to the world, regardless of their level of ability, and each person plays an integral role in the community as a whole.

Capacity Building

Building our skills and abilities creates a sense of purpose, and helps every individual we serve to have an impact on the community and the world around them.


At Camphill California there is a place for each human being to unfold their potential, be seen for who they are, and to feel a true sense of connection and belonging.

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