Solar System for Camphill California!

Our goal is to install an entire Solar System and convert all eight of our homes to solar power. We would also like to prepare all our properties for future installation of batteries in order to reduce our use of fossil fuels in generators during blackouts. Your donation towards this project will help us in the following ways:

Total goal to install solar on all our properties: $267,000

Total savings for Camphill over 25 years: $770,000

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far to this ambitious and much-needed project. Thanks to a 3-year grant from the Camphill Foundation, we were able to ask our donors to match these funds by giving an individual gift or raising their paddles for our gala’s Solar FundANeed. Thanks especially to EVERYONE who attended and supported our 2020 gala. We raised over $100,000 for this solar project in one night! Add to that 100 percent participation from our Board of Directors- who collectively raised almost $40,000, we have only $15k more to raise to reach our goal!

Your continued support of Camphill California is vital to our longevity, growth and sustainability as a Camphill community.

Thank you for your support!