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Our Programs

Licensed by the State of California to provide residential and Community Activities and Supported Living Services programs to adults with developmental disabilities, Camphill California offers an innovative and rich array of programs that nurture the heart, soul and mind of every person.

Our day program includes agricultural, culinary and handcraft workshops that educate and inspire adults to work to their highest potential.

At Camphill California, community members are responsible for maintaining seven acres of land on six properties within a two- mile radius, which include organic flower, herb, and vegetable gardens, as well as an orchard. Camphill California cultivates all of this land by following biodynamic and organic gardening practices that heal and revitalize the earth. Our houses enjoy the rich harvests year-round and incorporate these delectable fruits and vegetables into our meals whenever possible. Throughout the year we grow, harvest, and dry our herbs. In the winter months we process the herbs and produce teas, a culinary mix, and herb salt. In addition to processing herbs, we also make oils from pressing fresh flowers from our gardens.

Some of our members participate in the weaving studio, crafting a variety of hand-woven items. The weavery contains multiple looms and with an assortment of organic cotton and wool materials, the weavers come up with gorgeous items including wall hangings, blankets, pillows, table runners, scarves, shalls, tote bags, purses, hand-woven rugs, and placemats – just to name a few!
Camphill California’s paper-making and felting workshops take place during the winter season. In the felting workshop, participants use a dry felting technique that requires them to mix and match dyed wool to create a pattern or image and then press and poke it together with a needle. In the paper-making workshop, there is a task for everyone in the creative process of shredding, breaking down, reforming, and drying recycled paper. Our artists tap into their creativity and decorate the paper with colors and materials, like leaves, flowers, and magazine clippings, to create beautifully crafted paper and cards.
Once a week, the entire community comes together for one shared meal we call Lunch Café. A handful of our community members work together to prepare a delicious organic meal for around 50 people. This meal is a wonderful opportunity for community members to catch up with one another and enjoy the company of good friends. Additionally, our community bakers get together twice a week and make fresh and delicious granola, bread rolls, cookies, and much more for our community to enjoy.

This workshop is seasonal and processes various fruits, veggies and herbs from the Camphill gardens into kimchi, sauerkraut, jams, chutneys, pesto, and fermented and pickled vegetables. Aside from food grown at Camphill, this workshop also receives and processes generous food donations from Live Earth Farm, an organic CSA farm in Watsonville, California. We also partner with the Homeless Garden Project, Dirty Girl Farms and others to supplement when needed. 


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