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Meet Our Administrative Team

Administrative Team

A picture of Jennifer Akiyama

Jennifer Akiyama

Development and Events Manager & Camphill Academy Program Administrator

Jennifer Akiyama is a Waldorf graduate who began her career at Camphill California in Development in 2018. She graduated with a BA in Psychology from Hawaii Pacific University in 1996. Jennifer spent several years working in admissions at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School, where she also began an extensive side career in fundraising, events and volunteerism. Between serving on the Board of New Brighton Middle School and her later work for both a catering company and winery, she developed the skills needed to create events of all kinds from the ground up. In 2020 she rounded out that skill set by completing the Fundraising and Development Specialization course originally offered through UC Davis Extension. In 2020 her passion for both education and organization aligned and she took on the additional role at Camphill as the Camphill California Academy Program Administrator.

A picture of Gregory Bondi

Gregory Bondi

Human Relations Manager

Gregory worked for the Beaver Farm Transition program in Pennsylvania before moving to CA in 2006. He currently manages an SLS program for a young man with developmental disabilities and works part time for Camphill California in the Human Relations Department.

A picture of Jennifer Ryder

Jennifer Ryder

Certified Administrator & SLS program manager

Jen Ryder found her way to Camphill in 2008 as a staff member at Charlie’s house while attending school at UCSC. She quickly became interested in Camphill and found herself joining community activities with Charlie as well as supporting another person in the community. She eventually became employed at Camphill in 2012 to manage Charlie’s program and work in the weaving studio. Jen and her Husband Andrew were married at Camphill in the orchard in 2016 with the community there to celebrate. After a brief time away, Jen joined us again in 2019 after having her daughter, Dakota, to work alongside Jon Flint as Certified Administrator and SLS program manager for the community. 

Jon Flint

Associate Director

Jon provides business operation, program delivery and quality assurance for members of Camphill California to access and document Regional Center services, as well as to address changes in accessing generic benefits. Jon is active in regulatory and policy discussions at the state, federal, and regional levels. He is an analytical problem-solver and curious life-long learner, supporting people of all abilities to become experts in their own lives.

Camphill Communities California leadership member Szilvia

Szilvia Budai

Director, Education and Cultural Activities, Eurythmy

Szilvia is originally from Hungary. In 1997 she came to America as a volunteer to a Camphill Community to explore Anthroposophy. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University at Albany, NY. She is a graduate of the School of Eurythmy in Spring Valley, NY where she received her Diploma in Artistic and Pedagogic Eurythmy. She joined Camphill California in 2012, where among other things she leads the weaving studio and brings Eurythmy to the community. Human encounters, be it through conversation, celebrations, art or working alongside each other are her favorite things in Camphill.

Willow Roberge

Community Activities Program Coordinator

Willow Roberge has a strong passion for Camphill life; ever since joining a Community in Northern Ireland after high school, and then finding her way here to the West Coast. In her own words: “It never felt like my time to say goodbye to Camphill”. She joined Camphill California in 2013 as a young volunteer and Camphill Academy student through the years, and has tried on different “hats” as one often does in a community. She is currently the Community Activities Program Coordinator, and has a deep passion for the work life in Camphill as a fundamental aspect of what brings healing to the self and to the world. The transformative quality of work can be especially satisfying to one’s sense of purpose on earth. She feels whole when doing things with others and together as a community. She especially enjoys the festival life of Camphill, and feels at peace having a good laugh with others at any given moment in Camphill California.