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About the Camphill Movement

Karl Konig poses with his arm around a child with special needs

“We need to join together again in communities, but such communities that are not governed by bonds of heritage, but by spiritual principles that incite us to strive together and work for each other.”

-Dr. Karl Konig

The Camphill Movement Camphill California is part of the International Camphill Movement, a worldwide initiative for social change with over a hundred affiliates worldwide, founded by Karl König and inspired by the anthroposophical teachings of Rudolf Steiner. The first Camphill community emerged in 1939 when Dr. Karl König and a group of young physicians, artists, and caregivers fled Nazi invasion of Austria and founded the first Camphill in Aberdeen, Scotland. Since then, the Camphill Movement has expanded internationally to over 100 communities in 23 countries throughout Europe, North America, South Africa, and Asia. 

The Camphill Movement is an initiative for social change inspired by anthroposophy. Camphill communities are residential “life-sharing” communities and schools for adults and children with developmental disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs. Camphill Communities provide services and support through resident work programs, everyday learning and daily living. For additional information on Camphill’s history, click here.