Workshop Campaign

Support Camphill California’s Artistic Endeavors!

We need your donations to help us purchase the materials and tools for our new paper-making and felting workshop! Camphill California is excited to introduce this new workshop where participants will engage with all types of skills needed for dry felting and creating paper. Our community is eagerly anticipating the beautiful products, like wall hangings and recycled cards, that members will create in this workshop.

In addition, donations are needed for a gorgeous and much needed new loom for our existing weavery workshop. Currently,the weavery lacks a floor loom that everyone can use. This new, smaller floor loom, contains lighter floor petals, make weaving on a floor loom possible to all of our weavers instead of a select few. Our talented weavers are eager to get their hands (and feet!) on this new loom but need your financial support to make that possible!

Please help us expand our artistic desires and needs with these two workshops. These new materials will help enrich all of our lives as valuable skills are learned and beautiful products are created!

Thank you!!

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