“The coworkers of Camphill Communities California are from a variety of nationalities and speak many languages. Our cultures are respected and the interest in its traditions, food, or music, for example are very high.”
~ Sabrina Oehm, Camphill Communities California coworker 2013-present


“Camphill California is a real symbol for us of what human beings are capable of if they are driven by love and compassion. You inspire us to do better — every day.”
~ Rob Kilpatrick and Birgit Weskamp, neighbors and supporters of Camphill California


“The reason that I like Camphill California is that every day is an adventure! Every day I experience how interesting and wonderful a community life can be.”
~ Justus Muller, Camphill Communities California coworker 2013-2014


“Rather than an encounter with disability, working at Camphill is a revelation of abilities.”
~ Daphne Lison, former Camphill California co-worker


“Working at Camphill California inspires me to encourage others and help them work towards their goals. It has shown me how much can be accomplished by working together, even in small tasks. I feel like I’m truly making a positive impact on the lives around me and I learn so much from everyone I work with.”
~ Erin Hawley, Camphill Communities Coworker, 2013-2014


“Camphill Communities California is beautiful in many ways… no one is treated as disabled; everyone is given the right, at their own pace, in their own ways, to contribute to a very unique community that values genuinely all of its members. Since his arrival, our son Frans is developing himself fully in ways we never suspected he could in our wildest dreams. Merci!”
~ Dominique van Hooff, mother of Frans van Hooff, a resident- member of Camphill California


“During my time at Camphill California I made many valuable experiences. I learned how meaningful it is to take care of others working as a team. At Camphill California, we truly embrace the spirit of community.”
~ Johannes Schlitz, Camphill Communities California Coworker, 2013-2015


“The beautiful and vibrantly abundant biodynamic gardens at Camphill provide both ample learning opportunities and a reflective sanctuary for residents and guests alike. After a visit to the gardens, I never fail to leave inspired and renewed as well as vibrantly abundant myself.”
~ Delmar McComb, Biodynamic gardener and designer, friend of Camphill California


“We hold Camphill to be one of those amazing blessings in life that expand our imagination of what is possible in the arena of human relationships. I can hardly imagine what Brian’s life might be without all of you; thankfully I can let go of this fear as I am washed by gratitude for what you do.”
~ Gail Wainwright, sister of Brian Wainwright, a long-time resident-member of Camphill California


“Daniel’s joy is evidence enough of a fulfilling and enriching environment.”
~ Stephen and Deborah LeCover, parents of Daniel LeCover, a resident-member of Camphill California


“Through the years, I’ve witnessed the growing confidence, independence and enthusiasm of everyone as they learn and create together with their weaving work. This is a long awaited goal realized for me while a community member of Camphill California.”
~ Susan Bischof, Co-Coordinator of the Weavery, 1998-2008


“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do each and every day.”
~ Mary Douglas, Family member and supporter of Camphill Communities California


“Studying Social Therapy is so important for our evolution; being part of a community that is striving out of this wisdom makes for one’s personal growth.”
~ Beverly Martin, Friend of Camphill California