Social Therapy Program

Social Therapy Training

What is Camphill California’s Social Therapy Program?

Camphill California is one of several Camphill Communities in North America that provides professional training in Social Therapy through our partner organization the Camphill Academy. Our program provides Camphill California co-workers with the practical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual insights necessary for living and working with developmentally disabled adults. This program consists of work practicum, home life practicum, weekly academic courses, weekly artistic courses, personal tutoring, and more. For more information, visit the Camphill Academy website:

What is Social Therapy?

Inspired by Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher, teacher and the founder of anthroposophy, Social Therapy is a therapeutic discipline put into practice by Karl König, founder of the Camphill movement.

At its heart is the concept that a healthy social environment is essential for adults with developmental disabilities to live productive, independent, and joyful lives. At Camphill California, artistic partnerships, shared work and collective responsibilities inspire adults with developmental disabilities to learn about themselves and the world around them.

What will I learn in the Social Therapy Program?

Throughout the year, students will complete courses around a variety of themes including: journaling, biography, philosophy, music, human development, the art of homemaking, and painting to name a few. All social therapy courses inspire students to recognize the spiritual, social and physical conditions necessary for building healthy social relationships and a nurturing community life.

Camphill California’s Social Therapy Program is offered in partnership with the Camphill Academy. To find out more about the Camphill Academy go to